Monday, September 26, 2005

My weekend

Well as i said on Friday, "H" and i went to Suffolk. The M25 wasn't bad at all, didn't get caught in much traffic and pretty much sailed through although the Toll just before the tunnel was a bit packed. The A12 was a bit of a nightmare though. A lot of traffic around colchester, but once we past that, it was nice & easy!

Saturday was fun, "H"'s brother 'colcoomagnumar' left for University in Norwich (the UEA). We packed up most of his stuff in my car which surprised a few people mainly because of how much stuff we got in my car. We had a small chest of drawers, a quilt, a bag of shoes, a few books, a whole computer system, a couple of boxes of paperwork & a box of cutlery, kitchen utensils, pillows etc.. oh & 3 people in the car! I was amazed at how big the University is! It's absolutly huuuge! But once we got there, he had signed in and got his key, we drove over to the campus and unloading his stuff into his room! Hopefully, he'll get on well there!

And sunday, we drove back home. Got stuck behind a tractor, and a bunch of drivers who didn't know what the speed limit was so decided to do 30 down an NSL (50/60mph) which annoyed me, but after that, the A12 was fine. The only other trouble we had was the M25. I didnt notice the signs saying there was delays so we drove straight into a long que of vehicles, which we sat in for an hour :(.

Oh, and a guy had come off his motorbike just after Junction 4. I just hope to god he's fine!

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