Friday, September 16, 2005

ho ho, im back!

Well.... im back @ blogspot. As some of you may have noticed, the site experienced a lot of downtime. Not sure why that is, but it was hosted on a personal server. Big thanks to MikeSel^ for the server space, but i decided to come back here.

Since leaving blogspot, i re-designed my site using different back-end software which made my life a bit easier. I also learnt a fair bit about CSS which kinda put me off blogspot as all their blogs are controlled by CSS, and i wanted to make my site look like how i wanted it to look.

Im still in 2 minds whether to stay at blogspot, or move on and get another server for myself and host this site properly.. But obviously, i will try to keep the down time minimal!

Aaaanyway, My Pug... is due a service lol! It seems to be running slightly rough at the moment which is never a good thing but it seems alright for the moment, but i will be changing the oil and stuff pretty soon me-thinks!

Also, I've purchased a gear gaiter & surround so i can finally get round to adding my Momo gearknob which "H" got me for my birthday IN 2004 lol!... I shall hopefully be fitting that tomorrow, and im looking forward to doing that, and ill be taking pictures as i go!

Other purchases include some smoked side indicators, which, once i work out the wiring, i shall be fitting those too!...

Right, best get back to work! More updates soon!


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